What percentage of funding does STS spend on administrative costs in the UK?

Thanks largely to contributions in kind, the administrative costs of STS in the UK are exceptionally small. We do not employ any staff in the UK, nor do we rent office accommodation. Apart from auditing fees, we have managed to keep other expenses to a minimum. The cost of printing our newsletters, mailings and website have all been met by gifts from supporters earmarked for these purposes. This means that approximately 97.5% of all general gifts go to covering expenses in Argentina. Any gift earmarked for a particular purpose is given in full to that purpose.

The Board of STS is committed to ensuring that:

  • all funds are used appropriately and transparently;
  • administrative costs are kept to a minimum;
  • all donations are acknowledged;
  • all donors are kept informed about how funds are being used.

We would be delighted if you would partner us in this project through prayer and financial support.

If you would like to support financially the work of STS in developing theological education and training for pastors and church leaders in Patagonia, you may also donate by completing one (or both) of the following forms and returning it to us.

Standing order form

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It has been exceptionally encouraging to have received support in a variety of ways since our beginnings in 2010. Excluding gifts in kind, which have been many, we have received funds from various sources, and would wish to express our sincere thanks to those who have partnered, and those who still do partner with us in this work in Patagonia

Future funding needs

As we look ahead, our main requirements are to continue to fund STS on the ground in Patagonia. This is mainly in the costs for Pablo Carli in order that he can continue the preparation and delivery of courses to pastors and church members, as well as office costs. As we also are looking to expand the work, and take on a further staff member, this will bring additional funding requirements, but we trust that these will be met as they arise.