About STS

The vision for STS came from Dr. Colin Sims, who served in Argentina as a missionary with Latin Link from 1993 to 2014, and Pablo Carli, an Argentinian Christian. Together they saw the need to provide theological education for the growing number of church pastors and ordinary church members in the south of Argentina. At present no such training exists in the region of Patagonia and no Christian missions operate in the area. In this regard, the region STS seeks to work in is relatively unexplored, although a large number of independent  churches are to be found. 
While in the United Kingdom for a period during 2009/10 Colin approached a small group of people to help establish a work in Patagonia to address the need for both the church and the wider community, and, as a result, STS was born towards the end of 2010.

All of the board members share Colin and Pablo’s vision and all are committed to serving the evangelical church in South America. Everyone actively involved in the work of STS endorses the Lausanne Covenant

The initial field work of STS has been based around the town of San Martín de los Andes, and surrounding area. It is being taken forward by Mr Pablo Carli. As the project develops additional staff/partnerships will be sought to help with the establishment of the project and move further into the Patagonia region.

Teaching and Administrative Staff (Argentina)

Mr Pablo Carli

The work of STS is overseen by a Board of Directors based in the UK.

STS Board of Directors (UK)

Mr David Thompson (chair)
Dr Desmond Alexander (secretary)
Mr Stephen Anderson

Dr Cynthia Bennett Brown
Mr Peter Davison
Mrs Lilliana Massacane
Mr Tim McQuoid


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